Speech-Language Pathology Associates Inc.

Michigan’s speech & language therapy source

We often take our speech and language function for granted—forgetting how vital it is. In our dynamic world, there are many causes for speech and language disfunction from a wide variety of medical diagnoses, to birth and developmental conditions, and other medical conditions such as head injury or swallowing problems.

The storm of a medical crisis requires the need for immediate and reliable information. SLPA accepts the challenge to treat the patient—supported by an appropriate evaluation and suggested plan of care.

The journey begins by developing appropriate objectives and long term goals for the patient, as well as for family members. Family members often request to participate in the therapy of their loved one; the value and impact of family involvement is immeasurable. SLPA provides clinical diagnosis, as well as effective strategies for improving patient functionality, and quality of life for the whole family. Diagnosis and treatment range from pediatric to geriatric, and include developmental to acquired conditions.

“SLPA provides services to outpatient clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, school systems, and private residences throughout the state of Michigan. My commitment in the journey is to bring an effective therapy environment to the patient.”
—Ed Eugenio, M.Ed., CCC.SLP

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